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Active Isolation Platforms

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The product Halcyonics Sandwich and Duo is exclusively owned by W.A.V.E. These active vibration isolation systems are best suited for the vibration isolation of Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) and Ultra High Vacuum - Scanning Tunneling Microscopes (UHV-STM).

New Active Isolation Systems with bigger compensation forces for heavy weight applications or instrumentation with moving stages

The Sandwich platforms have been designed for compact medium sized instruments (600kg to 1200kg), e.g. Scanning Electron Microscopes.

The dimensions (1000mm x 800mm x 130mm) fit perfectly to most SEM series offered by various manufactures, like Hitachi. Depending on the required load capacity and the vibration level the Sandwich platform can be configured with four, six or eight internal Active Isolation Modules.

Customized systems with other dimensions or more modules are also available on request.

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Installation of these units are relatively simple. Sandwich platform can neatly fits directly below the equipment and remain "invisible". There is no external isolation leg, hence your equipment remains readily accessible.

Halcyonics Sandwich vibration isolation platforms only need an AC power outlet and no air supply required. Therefore, they are maintenance-free.

6 different standard versions ranging from 600 kg load capacity up to 1,200 kg. To select the required platform, the actual weight of the application equipment, load distribution and further parameters are of key importance. Please contact us to make the solution for you.

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