IDE MK5 Cancellation System

IDE MK5 Cancellation System

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  • The IDE MK5 provides the lowest noise level (<0.5nT) and greatest field reduction compensation (up to 55dB) over a broad control bandwidth.
  • Disturbances, both small and large (sensors can be placed in fields up to 400µT), are effectively cancelled to ensure the best image possible,  every time. 
  • Its compact sensor design and higher DC allowable field permit probe positioning close to the microscope column without interference effects.
  • The IDE MK5 provides flexibility in a robust hardware package.
  • With the combination AC/DC sensor for flexible positioning, 6 output channels for high power output, and custom configurable snap together cage for greater serviceability
  • Easy to use software features are accessed by a sleek, touch screen user interface
  • Auto-tune functioning, expanded diagnostic capability, USB or RS232 remote connectivity, and event logging make this state of the art MK5 technology the most user friendly EMI compensation product
  • The system incorporates three pairs of Helmholtz coils which can be wall-mounted or configured inside a freestanding cage which blends into the room environment. There are no dangling wires and no trip hazards which plague competitive systems

Resulting Images: EMI disturbance without/with IDE compensation

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