Caframo Ultra Torque Stirrer Model  BDC1850

Caframo Ultra Torque Stirrer Model BDC1850

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This stirrer comes with accurate control for precision research and power for high
volume / high viscosity lab or pilot plant applications.
It is reliable and powerful and incorporated with safety. Each stirrer comes
with a clear chemical resistant hinged chuck guard that conveniently snaps onto the
The heart BDC1850 is the microprocessor controlled, high performance Brushless
Direct Current (BDC) motor. A unique Two Speed Transmission transfers the motor’s
power to the chuck with 95% efficiency, providing incredible amounts of power.

  • Features
    • Brushless DC motor
    • Totally enclosed metal housing
    • Electronic control
    • Smart two-speed transmission
    • Through shaft
    • Chuck guard included
  • Benefits
    • High efficiency (less heat)
    • Protection from dust and product splashing
    • Precise speed adjustment and speed maintenance as viscosity changes
    • Transmission selects high-torque or high-speed range
    • Easy impeller adjustment saves time
    • Safely encloses spinning chuck to protect user
    • Protects chuck from splashes

Speed =12-1800 rpm
Volume Maximum =80 L (21 US Gallons)
Viscosity Maximum =90 000 mPa·s (90 000 cP)
Torque Maximum =568 N·cm (50 in-lbs = 800 in-oz)
Output Power =150 Watts (1/5 hp)
Speed Display =Yes
Torque Display= Yes
Timer =No
Housing Cast =Aluminum
Weight =5 kg (11 lb)
Voltage =120 V/230 V
Frequency =50/60 Hz
Ambient Temperature Operation =5-40°C (41-104°F)
Relative Humidity Operation =80%

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