General Lab Equipment

Laboratories require a variety of equipment and instrumentation to run tests and research.
Among the many items that would be considered general lab equipment are pipettes, scales,
centrifuges, Bunsen burners, freezers, hot plates, incubators, coolers, stirrers, and water baths.

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FALC F91Electro Magnetic Stirrer (With Heating)

FALC F30 Electro Magnetic Stirrer (Without Heating)

FALC F205 Series Rotator

FALC F320 Shaker Stirrer

FALC Magnetic Stirring Bars

CAFRAMO Model BDC2002 Compact Digital Stirrer

CAFRAMO Model BDC250 Petite Stirrer

CAFRAMO Model 1540 Crossover Industrial Mixer

CAFRAMO Model BDC1850 Ultra Torque Stirrer

CAFRAMO Model BDC2010 Reversing Digital Stirrer

CAFRAMO Model BDC3030 Ultra Torque Stirrer

CAFRAMO Model BDC6015 Ultra Speed Stirrer