NanoPhoton RAMANdrive Wafer Analyzer

NanoPhoton RAMANdrive Wafer Analyzer

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RAMANdrive is the specialized Raman microscope for wafer analysis equipped with our dedicated 300 mm stage. RAMANdrive gives you an ultra-fast, highest resolution analysis of the whole wafer with unique stability and accuracy.  The Nanophoton Stage Navigation System accepts data from your inspection system and use it to move the wafer to all indicated positions for a detailed analysis. The dedicated stage moves the wafer safely and with high accuracy to all areas of interest.

RAMANdrive uses high-quality dark-field microscopy to easily localize particles, even smaller than 100 nm. Analyzing the particle is done by very high-performance Raman spectroscopy and provides a detailed material composition. High quality confocal optics gives RAMANdrive high performance 3D Raman imaging capability. Stress distribution and polytype distribution can be clearly visualized in 3D with sub-micron resolution.




Stage Navigation system can upload a defect map obtained by an inspection tool.
Place the focused laser beam anywhere you want with our extended wafer stage. Large wafers of up to 300 mm can be placed on the stage. Vacuum lines are connected to small holes in channels, which allows a applied vacuum to flatten and hold the wafer on the stage. Our extended wafer stage makes it possible for the laser to access the entire exposed wafer surface. Even a tall sample also can be analyzed by placing it in the deep channel part of the stage.

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