Qpol 250 A1-Eco Single-Wheel Grinding & Polishing Machine

Qpol 250 A1-Eco Single-Wheel Grinding & Polishing Machine

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The Qpol 250 A1-ECO is a single-wheel grinding and polishing machine for working wheels Ø 200/250 mm which is conveniently operated by a 4.3 "touch screen. The new holder for the working wheel (single-disc design) enables operation without carrier disc without compromising  performance. The control software allows to edit and save up to 200 preparation methods, protected by a user account management. Pressure, speed and direction of rotation (head and working disc) are adjustable. A spin cycle function (Cleaning Boost) helps to spin dry the grinding and polishing medium at 750 rpm at the end of the preparation process within 3 seconds. The robust machine can be combined with the dosing system Qdoser ECO and offers maximum flexibility for sample preparation and operating convenience.
  • Spin cycle feature (Cleaning Boost)
  • 4,3" Touch screen with intuitive QATM user software
  • 200 customized programs storable
  • Easy cleaning / rinsing of bowl by lifting the working wheel (single-disc design)
  • Variable speed of working wheel and polishing head
  • Working wheel and polishing head with clockwise / counter-clockwise rotation
  • Impact-proof plastic bowl
  • Aluminium case, powder-coated
  • Energy-saving LED illumination working area
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