Hitachi SU7000 Ultra-High-Resolution Schottky FE-SEM

Hitachi SU7000 Ultra-High-Resolution Schottky FE-SEM

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The modern FE-SEM requires not only high performance but also a multitude of functionalities including wide-area observation, in-situ analysis, variable pressure, high-resolution imaging at low accelerating voltages, and simultaneous multi-signal collection.

The SU7000 is designed to address these aspects and more by delivering enhanced information for diversified needs in the field of electron microscopy.

Experience the nano-world with the SU7000!

  • Images on monitors are inset.
  • The device photograph shows configuration with optional items.


A. Key Concept

  1. Versatile Imaging CapabilityThe SU7000 excels in fast acquisition of multiple signals to address expansive SEM needs, from imaging a wide field of view to visualizing sub-nanometer structures and everything in between.

    The incorporation of newly designed electron optics and detection systems allows for efficient simultaneous acquisition of multiple secondary electron and back-scattered electron signals.

  2. Multi-Channel Imaging
    The number of the detectors mounted on the SEM is ever increasing, along with the need to display all collected information effectively.
    The SU7000 is capable of processing, displaying, and saving up to 6 signals simultaneously to maximize information acquisition.
  3. Wide Variety of Observation Techniques
    The specimen chamber and the vacuum system are optimized for:
    ・Large specimen size
    ・Sample manipulation at various axes
    ・Variable pressure conditions
    ・Cryogenic conditions
    ・Heating and cooling in-situ observation
  4. Microanalysis
    The electron gun is equipped with a Schottky emitter that provides up to 200 nA beam current to accommodate various microanalysis applications.
    The specimen chamber and port layout are designed to incorporate multiple analytical options including EDX, WDX, EBSD, cathodoluminescence, and more.
     The SU7000 with the combination of numerous analytical accessories unifies multi-discipline techniques in a single platform.

B. Imaging Performance

  • Enhanced Information Acquisition
  • Single-Scan Multi-Signal Imaging

C. Intuitive Graphical User Interface

  • Enhanced Signal Display
  • Highly Flexible Screen Layout
  • Dual Monitor

D. Expandable Observation and Analysis

  • Large specimen chamber and large stage
  • Camera Navigation(*)
  •  Detection System Enabling Dynamic Observation
  • Improved PD-BSED Response Speed

(*)Camera navigation function is optional

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