Evactron<sup>®</sup> EP De-Contaminator

Evactron® EP De-Contaminator

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The Evactron EP model was designed for those in the physics and materials science communities building and using custom-designed vacuum systems. The EP offers highest cleaning rates at low pressures. It uses flowing afterglow cleaning with air to clean carbon compounds from vacuum chambers operating with turbo molecular pumps, and has instant ignition from any vacuum level. The Evactron EP model is designed for manual control with front plasma cleaning switch and LED status lighters. It is set up with fixed operating conditions, time and power.

Energy efficient hollow cathode plasma
Flow through gas supply
Plasma Radical Source design maximizes delivery of radicals to chamber
“Pop” ignition of the plasma works at all pressures below 100Pa or 750 mTorr
Low pressure operation @1-3 Pa for long lived radicals and the fast cleaning rates
Can start and operate at turbo molecular pump compatible pressures
Fixed match provides maximum plasma power transfer
The best cleaning conditions are preset

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