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VITLAB is a leading manufacturer of liquid handling instruments and plastic laboratory products worldwide. High class laboratory devices are developed and manufactured in our own production facilities. Our extensive range of products provides optimal support for your laboratory work in a wide variety of application ranges. Regardless of whether your work involves volume measurement, titration, dosing, pipetting, sampling or storage: the goal of our development and production is to provide products which facilitate your daily lab tasks and always deliver perfect results.




VITLAB® micropipette Starter Sets offer you the possibility to get to know the single channel pipettes and are solid basic equipment for any beginners – You can choose between 3 Starter Sets with different volume ranges, depending on your application. Each VITLAB® Starter Set includes 3 variable VITLAB® micropipettes with different volumes and associated, colour-coded tip boxes, as well as 3 rack mounts for appropriate storage of your new VITLAB® micropipettes.




VITLAB® continuous E/RS, with GL 45 connecting threads continuous bottle-top burette enables continuous titration, which leads to rapid, convenient, and accurate results. The angled display shows 4-position titration volume in large, easily read numbers, which simplifies operation. Turning the two hand wheels supplies the titration medium in a continuous and pulse-free manner via the specially developed double-piston pump. Filling procedures are not necessary. This innovative technology increases safety; its compact design and low centre of gravity reduce risk of overturning, especially with smaller bottles. The height and length of the discharge tube can be adjusted, making it possible to work safely with both short and tall bottles. The innovative re-circulation system prevents the loss of valuable reagent and reduces the risk of splashes.

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