TriLambda NanoXRM

TriLambda NanoXRM

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Non Invasive 3D Structural  characterization at multilength scale.  TriLambda NanoXRM is the most powerful 3D x-ray microscope on the market, with spatial resolution reaching down to 40 nanometers, field of view up to 80 microns, and tri-energy capabilities. This nano-CT instrument features Sigray’s unique microfocus laboratory X-ray source and was developed by Sigray founder Dr. Wenbing Yun, who previously founded Xradia and led the development of the 50-nm UltraXRM (nanoXCT).

Up to three energies can be selected on TriLambda, including:

  • 8 keV (optimal for metals and semiconductor samples)
  • 6.4 keV (optimal for ceramics)
  • 5.4 keV (ideal for rocks, bone, and stained tissue)
  • 2.7 keV (ideal for unstained biological samples, such as cells)

Electrode particle defect evolution




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