Thermo Fisher WDS MagnaRay Spectrometer

Thermo Fisher WDS MagnaRay Spectrometer

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Closely integrated with the Thermo Scientific™ Noran™ System 7 X-ray Microanalysis System, the WDS MagnaRay Spectrometer automatically determines the elements to analyze and performs all of the WDS operations, while the EDS detector is still collecting data. The details of the spectrometer setup and operation are handled automatically by the embedded expert system. Whether the need is for peak overlap, trace element confirmation or accurate quantitative analysis, WDS MagnaRay Spectrometer simply and quickly performs the analysis.

  • Unparalleled microanalysis results
  • High resolution
  • Sensitive for trace elements
  • Continuous spectrometer coverage for full spectral range
  • Guaranteed sensitivity specification
  • X-ray optics extend into the SEM chamber, similar to a solid state EDS detector
  • High level of application performance under low-beam current and low-voltage operating conditions

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