ThermoFisher K-Alpha™+  XPS System

ThermoFisher K-Alpha™+ XPS System

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Analytical options include the revolutionary dual mode ion source, a vacuum transfer module for moving air-sensitive samples from a glove box to the system, and the tilt module for ARXPS data collection. Equipped with the Thermo Scientific™ Avantage Data System, the complete surface analysis software system, the K-Alpha+ has a range of software features designed to optimize data interpretation, data reporting and usability. The K-Alpha+ XPS system meets the requirements of both experienced XPS analysts and newcomers to the technique, bringing together high performance,  monochromated XPS and sputter depth profiling, with intelligent automation and intuitive control.

  • Analyzer — 180° double focusing hemispherical analyzer with 128-channel detector
  • X-ray source — Al Ka micro-focused monochromator with variable spot size (30-400µm in 5µm steps)
  • Ion Gun — Energy range 100-4000eV
  • Charge Compensation — Dual beam source
  • Sample Handling — 4-axis sample stage, 60 x 60mm sample area, 20mm maximum sample thickness
  • Vacuum System — 2x 260L/s turbo molecular pumps for entry and analysis chambers
  • Options —Thermo Scientific™ MAGCIS™ Dual Beam Ion Source, vacuum transfer module, tilt module for ARXPS, sample bias module.

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