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Thermo Fisher UltraDry EDS Detector

Thermo Fisher UltraDry EDS Detector

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In quantitative EDS microanalysis in SEM, weight percentage of the element present in every sample is calculated.  Extraordinary operating space to enable superior performance with advanced field-effect transistor (FET) integration and a proprietary pre-amplifier stage.
A smaller, integrated FET to virtually eliminate electronic noise.
Minimized dead time and maximized resolution to effectively handle pulse pile-up and sum peaks.
Eliminated external or liquid nitrogen cooling with while maintaining extremely high data collection rate.
Consistent data collection rates across the widest range of distances — absolutely critical to dual EDS and EBSD acquisition — with unique slotted collimator design.
One of the greatest solid angle of collection available for detectors on the market today with crystal active area range (10mm2, 30mm2, 60mm2, 100mm2) and small packaging envelope

  • FWHM measured (ISO 15632) at 5.89keV (Mn-Kα) with 10,000 counts per second stored in the spectra, measured on the electron microscope
  • WD range is measured by varying the vertical distance between the pole piece and the surface of the sample and measuring the input count. STD distance of 50mm. TOA of 35°. The range is defined as within 25% of the peak count rate at the optimized working distance.
  • Vertically slotted collimator to enable maximum WD range. Absolute requirement for dual EDS/EBSD acquisition mode.
  • Light element sensitivity down to beryllium
  • No auxiliary cooling connections, water or fans. No liquid nitrogen.
  • Operating environment to 35 °C
  • ±5 eV resolution change (±3eV typical between 1% and 60%dead time) from minimum to maximum count rate at a givenanalyzer time constant
  • ±5eV peak shift (±3eV typical between 1% and 60% deadtime) from minimum to maximum count rate at a given analyzertime constant
  • Input count rates >1,000,000 counts per second
  • Motorized slide optionally available



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