TEM Calibration Sample Technoorg Linda
Technoorg Linda MAG*I*CAL  TEM  Calibration Sample

Technoorg Linda MAG*I*CAL TEM Calibration Sample

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The magnification calibration is the most common calibration in the electron microscopy, since it is important to know if the magnification value on the microscope console or on the image is accurate, if not how to correct the value. With the unique MAG*I*CAL calibration sample you can perform this calibration in the entire range of magnification in a Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM) from about 1000x up to 1,000,000x.Since the sample itself is a single crystal, it can also be used to perform camera constant calibration and also image/diffraction pattern rotation calibration.This unique calibration sample is directly traceable to the crystal lattice constant of silicon.

Although the MAG*I*CAL calibration sample was developed by materials scientist, life scientists doing TEM will find the use of MAG*I*CAL to be equally useful

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