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Technoorg Linda IV7 UniMill — Ion Miller

Technoorg Linda IV7 UniMill — Ion Miller

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IV7 UniMill is designed for extremely rapid preparation of high-quality Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM) samples with unsurpassed high thinning rate.
It enables both rapid milling with the ultra-high-energy noble gas ion source and final polishing and cleaning with the patented low-energy ion gun.

For application, the Ion-Miller is for users who are developing new materials or new sample preparation methods and due to its extreme milling rate it is also recommended for studying materials of very low sputtering rate, such as diamond, sapphire, etc.
Its exclusive capability of producing damage-free and artefact-free samples by low-energy ion bombardment provides unique opportunity to study real nano-structures in synthesized and natural materials in all fields of technical sciences and materials research.

•Fast thinning and gentle polishing/cleaning with the same instrument
•Fully automated ion source setup and ion mill operation
•Widest range of ion energies: from 100 eV to 16 keV using ultra-high-energy and low-energy noble gas ion sources
•Extremely high milling rates:
900 μm/hour for monocrystalline Si at 16 keV and at 30º angle of beam incidence
•Optional liquid nitrogen cooling. •Online monitoring and support.



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