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Quorum Q300T D, Q300T D Plus Thin-Film Coater

Quorum Q300T D, Q300T D Plus Thin-Film Coater

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The Q300T D, Q300T D Plus is a fully automatic, free-standing sputter coater ideally suited for thin film applications and for conductive coating of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) specimens.
At the operational heart of the Q300T D,Q300T D Plus  is a large chamber fitted with two independent sputtering heads. This dual-head configuration allows two different metals to be sequentially sputtered without the need to 'break' vacuum. A dual channel film thickness monitor option is available.
The system is designed to sputter a wide range of oxidising metals, eg chromium (Cr) and aluminium (Al), and non-oxidising (noble) metals, eg gold (Au) and platinum (Pt).
The Q300T D, Q300T D Plus sputter coater has a 300mm x 127mm work chamber and a specimen stage that accepts substrates of 2-4" wafer sizes as standard and 6" wafers with an optional stage accessory. An optional extended height glass chamber is available to enable coating of larger specimens.


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