Quorum Q150R Plus Thin-Film Coater

Quorum Q150R Plus Thin-Film Coater

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The Q150R Plus is suitable for use with Tungsten/LaB6 SEM and Benchtop SEM.

Typical uses: 

Sputter coating of noble metals using the Q150R S & ES Plus:

Recommended for magnifications:

•  up to x 50k using Au, Au/Pd

•  up to x 100k using Pt (optional)

Carbon cord coating for elemental analysis using the Q150R E & ES Plus.

The Q150R Plus is available in three configurations: 

-        Q150R S Plus   an automatic sputter coater for non-oxidising metals. Available sputtering targets including gold, gold/palladium and platinum. 

-        Q150R E Plus  –  an automatic carbon cord coater for SEM applications such as EDS and WDS.   

-        Q150R ES Plus –  a combined system system capable of both sputtering and carbon coating. The deposition heads can be swapped in seconds.  

  • Recommended applications for Q150R Plus: 
  • Low and medium magnifications
  • SE signal boost (1nm or less)
  • Table-top SEM coating
  • Elemental analysis
  • Copper metallisation layers   

These products are for Research Use Only. 


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