Qcut 250 M Cutter

Qcut 250 M Cutter

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The Qcut 250 M is an especially user-friendly wet abrasive cutting machine with manual cut-off. Opening the machine folds away the hood to the inside so that the whole cutting chamber is easily accessible. The round window opens a wide field of view during the cutting process.

The cutting wheel cooling is integrated directly into the wheel guarding cover. The large, stainless table is equipped with replaceable wearing plates. Transverse grooves allow optimized alignment of clamping vices (e. g. clamping vice 80).


  • Manual vertical movement
  • Large cutting chamber
  • Opening on left- and righthand side for continuous long parts
  • Large table with exchangeable wearing plates
  • Hood covering complete width for optimal accessibility
  • Easy operation
  • Large range of different clamping tools and systems available
  • Current safety standard with door interlocking system
  • Solid aluminium case construction, powder coated


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