PYSER Inspecta Microscope Systems & Components

PYSER Inspecta Microscope Systems & Components

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The Inspecta range of quality microscope components and modular systems, provides an easy-to-engineer solution to the special inspection needs of many industries.

Where a standard microscope is not suitable, the Inspecta products can be selected and assembled to give exactly the right optical viewing system. CCTV or digital cameras allow the system to be further enhanced.

Typical applications include: tooling alignment, inspection of machine wear, real-time automation system viewing, reaction or test chamber viewing and analysis, at-line or on-line inspection, and many more.

The IVIS video inspection system is designed to provide a facility to quickly view components for visual faults using a CCTV and integrated LCD monitor. A zoom lens gives magnifications up to 180x, making this ideal for inspecting fine detail. An X-Y stage enhances the product further to give measurement capability.


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