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NT-MDT NTEGRA Series incorporates many built-for-purpose models. Currently, NT-MDT offers eight versions of the systems assembled on the NTEGRA platform. For superior performance, each system has its own application specialization.
NTEGRA Prima is a high-resolution, low-noise SPM ideal for the multi-user labs. Integrated optics coupled to the SPM provides imaging of samples with almost continuous zoom from the millimeter to angstrom range.
NTEGRA Therma is an effective solution for SPM measurements either at constant temperatures from -30 °C to 300 °C or with changing temperature. Our low-drift THead™ maintains a drift of less than 10 nm/°C.
NTEGRA Aura is a high-sensitive system perfectly suited for measurements in vacuum up to 10-3 torr or under controlled atmosphere environments.
NTEGRA Maximus performs high throughput screening of multiple samples as well as measurements on large samples.
NTEGRA Solaris uses Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy (SNOM) to investigate optical properties beyond the diffraction limit.
NTEGRA Vita combines the strengths of the excellent SPM with perfect optical microscope for biological and medical applications.
NTEGRA Tomo integrates the SPM with an ultramicrotome to perform AFM tomography and 3D reconstruction of biological and materials ultrastructure never seen before.
NTEGRA Spectra, the R&D 100 award winner in 2006, integrates the SPM with Raman spectroscopy and laser confocal microscopy to study the distribution of chemical properties with molecular resolution.


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