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NT-MDT AFM Probe — ETALON Series

NT-MDT AFM Probe — ETALON Series

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ETALON is a new series of excellent composite AFM probes with two cantilevers on each chip. In terms of quality-to-price ratio, it has no analogues in the world market.


PMMA film polystyrene thin film Pyramidal Germanium Silicon-Germanium quantum

New Brand Technology of NT-MDT Combines All Critical Advantages in One Chip:

  • Sharp tip (curvature radius less than 10 nm).
  • Resonance frequency, specified with high accuracy (±10%).
  • High aspect ratio tip.
  • Two levers on one chip.
  • Enhanced back-side reflection of the cantilever.
  • Special chip geometry for convenient operating.

The ETALON Series probe have two poly-silicon levers with a pedestal and mono-crystal silicon tips.  Precision technology of poly-silicon deposition guarantees the lever thickness control. A special frequency stabilizer is designed to make the dispersion of the resonant frequency and force constant smaller. the ETALON probes are characterized by highly reproducible parameters:

  • Typical dispersion of the lever thickness: ±0.15 μm
  • Typical dispersion of the lever length: ±2 μm
  • Typical dispersion of the probe resonant frequency: ±10%
  • Typical dispersion of the force constant: ±20%.


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