Hitachi SEM SU8010 Japan
Hitachi SU8010 Field Emission SEM

Hitachi SU8010 Field Emission SEM

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Nanotechnology tool, such as semiconductors, electronics, catalysis and other functional materials, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals are being researched world-wide as core competencies for next generation cutting-edge technologies. Ultra High Resolution FE-SEM has grown to be an indispensable tool to observe the fine surface structure of materials in a wide range of nanotechnology fields. Hitachi High-Tech has newly developed the SU8000 Series to fulfill tomorrow’s market needs. SU8010 has excellent performance as the entry level model in the SU8000 series. The combination of Semi-in-lens type objective lens and cold FE-gun with small energy spread delivers ultra high resolution imaging performance and flexible SE-BSE signal mixing using Hitachi’s detector technology for absolute surface information, Z-number contrast and charge suppression.


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