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Hitachi SU3500 SEM

Hitachi SU3500 SEM

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The SU3500 Scanning Electron Microscope features innovative electron optics and signal detection systems affording unparalleled imaging and analytical performance. Designed with intuitive logic, the new user-friendly GUI provides comprehensive image observation and display functions. Engineered for a wide range of applications, including biological specimens and advanced materials, the SU3500 is sure to be the workhorse microscope in any laboratory.
• Unparalleled Image Quality—All new electron optics design with best-in-class image sharpness
• Intuitive Operation—Wide-screen GUI and fast auto image optimization functions (7 seconds) via "delegation" technology
• Ultra Variable-Pressure Detector—Image surface information at low vacuum and low accelerating voltages
• Stereoscopic Image Function—Point and click for seamless, real-time "3D" image observation


  • Fast Auto Imaging -    "Best-in-class" Auto Start Functions (Focus, Brightness, Contrast, and Stigmation) for unmatched operational ease and efficiency.
  • Low kV and Low Vacuum Performance -    The Hitachi "Hex-Bias" probe current optimization technology combined with the all new Ultra Variable-Pressure (UVD) detector offers superior imaging and surface information at low accelerating voltages and low vacuum conditions.
  • Live Stereoscopic Imaging -    Our advanced tilted-beam-scan technology enables point and click, real-time "3D" image observation (show 3D pictures from flyer).

Application Data


PCB Cross-section

Accelerating Voltage : 5 kV
Vacuum : 30 Pa
Magnification : 150x
Signal : BSE, With metal coating

Accelerating Voltage : 3 kV
Vacuum : 20 Pa
Magnification : 5,000x

Point of View
Composition contrast is observable throughout the assembly above left and grain contrast of Cu on right image: BSE, With metal coating

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