Gracticules Optics PS Multi-Image Calibration Slide

Gracticules Optics PS Multi-Image Calibration Slide

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PS Multi-image calibration slide, is the most comprehensive solution to calibrating image analysis systems.

An array of 16 different patterns and scales to a very high resolution is chrome deposited on a glass slide, 76mm x 25mm x 1.6mm thick. A unique serial number is engraved into the slide for strict UKAS certified in accuracy and conformity. 

Multiple images on a single slide provide the most cost-effective solution to calibration and resolution checking of microscopes and image analysis systems.   The combination of scales, dots, circles, squares, rulings, grids and angles can be supplied with an internationally traceable certificate of calibration.

Download the catalogue for detail specification via link :https://www.graticulesoptics.com/technical/downloads

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