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Floor Standing Models

Floor Standing Models

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QATM’s floor-standing wet abrasive cut-off machines are robust, powerful tools for cutting complex components and large metal pieces. These cutting machines are suitable for industrial applications and next to different sizes offer different degrees of automation with cutting in up to five axes with the cutting robot Qcut 430BOT. The floor standing models of QATM cutters include Qcut 430BOT-5-axis-cutting,  Qcut 400M, Qcut 400 A and Qcut 500 A. Qcut 430BOT-5-axis-cutting allows positioning and cutting of the sample in nearly all arbitrary positions to the cut-off wheel. Qcut 400M allows manual horizontal and fine dynamic vertical movements. Qcut 400 A features automatic horizontal and vertical movements. Qcut 500 A provides automatic horizontal table (X-axis) and cutting wheel movements (Y-axis).

Qcut 430BOT

Brillant 255

Qcut 400M

Qcut 400 A

Brillant 275

Qcut 500 A


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