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Clamping Tools & Accessories

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Presently available are specially-developed clamping-tools for complicated cutting movements or geometries. Custom-built clamping jaws and other accessories are available on request.

A vast range of different clamping tools and systems is available for all QATM cutting machines.

With our clamping tools, any sample size and material is safely fixed for accurate cutting procedures.

Our clamping tools include:

  • A range of easy-clamping bases, available in three sizes
  • different head pieces to match the rotatable plates
  • vacuum sample holder, duo-sample holder, fast lock vices and swiveling prisms
  • vertical vices, fast lock vices, cross vices, angle vices, rotating vices, universal vices and chain clamping vices
  • power clamping system, clamping jaws, step jaws; different clamping shoes, guide bars, height adaptors and more

Angle Vice

Cross Vice 50-100

Cross Vice

Fast Lock Vice 50

Fast Lock Vice 60

Rotating Vice 60

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