XEI Scientific Plasma Cleaner

XEI Scientific Plasma Cleaner

XEI Scientific, Inc. is the world leader in downstream RF plasma cleaners. Quasi-S represents them exclusively in all their products with capability to support, train and provide technical advice. The plasma cleaners are specially made for the removal of Hydrocarbons from Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) and vacuum chambers. In particular, XEI manufactures the Evactron® De-Contaminator, a compact remote plasma cleaning device, which comes in a variety of models to fit user needs. The new models in the Zephyr and E-Series feature fast flowing afterglow cleaning with air when pumped with a turbo molecular pump to below 30 mTorr or 4 Pa or 40 mBar. The E-Series are our new simplified units to provide reliable plasma cleaning at the highest performance with the lowest cost. Evactron Plasma Cleaners are the manufacturer’s choice for cleaning new and old SEM and FIB.

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