QuantomiX WETSEM®

QuantomiX WETSEM®

SEM is the primary tool for high-resolution imaging – the cornerstone for research into living organisms and our material environment. But because SEM requires that samples be placed in a vacuum, it has not been suitable for examining wet samples. Quasi-S working together with El-Mul (QuantomiX) provide solution to this major impediment to the use of SEM for biomedical research, as well as for many other clinical and industrial applications. Until now, the only means of imaging a wet sample with EM was to freeze or dry it, effectively changing it’s nature in the process. Such sample preparation is also time-consuming, costly, and often introduces artefacts. El-Mul (QuantomiX) WETSEM® – developed with the cooperation of some of the world’s leading life sciences and materials science researchers and labs – dramatically reduces the preparation needs for high-resolution imaging of wet samples, making imaging easier and faster. It also eliminates many of the artefacts that result when preparing wet samples for EM, opening up opportunities for new research methods as well as new processing methodologies in a variety of fields. WETSEM® also uniquely enables imaging of samples that contain oily and volatile materials. Also for the first time, WETSEM® enables micro-analysis using energy dispersive spectrometry (EDS) of wet samples in their native state, a long-awaited capability for many industrial and research labs. More can be discussed with Quasi-S team in understanding the full potential of this technology.

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