Quasi-S  has partnered with Sigray, Inc. who is a San Francisco Bay Area company founded with the aim to accelerate scientific progress by providing powerful, synchrotron-grade research capabilities in its laboratory x-ray systems. These systems represent a major step-change from existing laboratory x-ray systems and their breakthrough performance are uniquely enabled by Sigray’s patented innovations in x-ray source, optics, and detector technologies. Since its founding in 2013, Sigray’s products have already been adopted by prominent scientific leaders in Asia, America, and Europe. Sigray was co-founded by Dr. Wenbing Yun and Ms. Sylvia Lewis. Dr. Yun previously founded the X-ray microscope company Xradia, Inc. in 2000, which grew rapidly and profitably to over 100 employees and was acquired by Carl Zeiss in July 2013. He is an Optical Society of America (OSA) fellow, elected for his contributions to and leadership in x-ray microscopy, and has received four prestigious R&D 100 awards for his work on development of x-ray microscopes. Sigray’s team is currently comprised of x-ray professionals with extensive experience in x-ray source, optics, and instrumentation development, and includes former synchrotron beamline and synchrotron scientific program leaders, x-ray source pioneers, and x-ray optics specialists who designed and produced some of the highest efficiency, highest resolution x-ray optics in the world. 

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