Kurt J. Lesker

Kurt J. Lesker

Quasi-S has been invited to represent Kurt J. Lesker Company® (KJLC®) on the thin film deposition tool and  materials.  KJLC® founded in 1954 is the leading global provider of  a comprehensive range of vacuum components, pumps, film deposition equipments, materials and comprehensive vacuum systems backed by innovative designs and responsive customer service. The depth and breadth of the markets serve include: LEDs, Optics, UHV/Synchrotrons, Electronics, Wear and Decorative Coatings and R&D.  Working with an attentive eye towards quality, environmental stewardship of resources and customer satisfaction, KJLC serves the R & D market at both the academic and commercial levels as well as providing vacuum products and services to industry on a global scale. Following successful expansions into Canada and UK, KJLC® continued to reach out globally, highlighted by the newest location in Shanghai, China.


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