Quasi-S has partnered with KingSon Technology Co., Ltd.(KSON) who was founded in 1983, has been specializing in the reliability of environmental testing equipment to comply with international standards as IEC、JESDEC、IPC etc. They have a complete group from R&D, manufacture, sales to service and offer high quality equipment and positive service. The industry of clients throughout the electronics, semiconductor, optoelectronics, telecommunications, aerospace, machinery, laboratories, automotive … and others.
After 35 years of efforts, KSON has successfully developed comprehensive equipment line: THS(Temperature and Humidity Chamber)/ATSK(Advanced Thermal Shock Tester)/TSC(Thermal Stress Tester)/HAST(Highly Accelerated Stress Test) etc. From Taiwan to Asia, KSON has established abundant experience and technology. Now KSON is ready for American area to sale their equipment and service. Expect to satisfy client’s requirement worldwide.


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