Graticules Optics

Graticules Optics

Quasi-S becomes Graticules optics’s exclusive distributor in Singapore & Malaysia offering a wide range of supreme quality products

Origins of Graticules Optics can be traced back to the outbreak of World War I when the British Government assigned to Julius Rheinberg the task to develop and supply Target Graticules for their military supply. Julius Rheinberg was a member of the Royal Microscopy Society and was well known in optical circles as he developed many techniques and processes associated with microphotography. He invented a grainless photographic emulsion process to manufacture Graticules. In 1946, Julius’ nephew, Leslie Rheinberg, took over the business as Graticules Limited (incorporated in 1948) and extended the range of products to offer a comprehensive range to diverse industries such as Microscopy, Optics, Education, Medicine/Research, etc. Graticules Limited was then purchased in 1997 by Pyser-SGI. Pyser-SGI, a company producing specialised precision optical products since 1932 was comprised of two divisions Defence and Broadcast. Graticules Limited became the third division of Pyser-SGI, called Graticules. In 2015 Pyser-SGI changed ownership and reshaped their branding and trading name to Pyser Optics Limited. As of February 2019, SDI Group plc (formerly Scientific Digital Imaging plc) bought the Graticules Division of Pyser Optics, trading now under the new name Graticules Optics Limited.

Graticules Optics is a proven world-class designer and manufacturer of precision micropattern products. We specialise in providing standard and custom solutions, working closely with our customers to achieve an optimum conclusion.Graticules Optics is unique in offering photolithographic products on glass, film and in metal foil, with the added bonus of coatings, cementing, mounting and small optical assembly.

Graticules Optics export globally to a diverse range of industries including light microscopy, electron microscopy, metrology, defence, aerospace and instrumentation.


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