Gaertner Sci. Ellipsometer

Gaertner Sci. Ellipsometer

Gaertner Scientific Corporation began in 1896 and now situated at Illinois USA. Over the years, they developed toolmakers microscope, precision slides and the polarizing spectrometer (ellipsometer). Since it’s founding, the company has been continuously engaged in the design and manufacture of a variety of precision scientific instruments intended for use in research, industrial, educational and government laboratories. The ellipsometers are mainly used for thin film measurement, measuring microscopes for dimensional measurements as well as other specialized optical instruments. Ellipsometers give non-contact thickness and refractive index measurements of thin transparent and semi transparent films to 1 angstrom or better. Gaertner has helped pioneer the field of ellipsometry and we offer high quality laser ellipsometers to meet varied user requirements in the semiconductor, solar cell, bio-chemical, flat panel and other thin film industries.There are many more products beside these listed below. Contact us at if you require solution and advise on Gaertner products. We are glad to hear from you.


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