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Quasi-S is an ISO9001 and ISO17025 Certified organization comprising dedicated staffs that work individually yet collectively as a team to reach common goals and turn creative and innovative ideas into reality.

We Turned 15 in Feb 2017

Headquartered in Singapore, Quasi-S was founded in 2002 to serve the growing needs of the semiconductor industry. Since then, Quasi-S has grown from strength to strength. With our subsidiaries in Malaysia, Quasi-S Sdn Bhd & Quasi-S Technology, we are at the doorsteps of our customers in order to provide  services to their needs promptly.

Quasi-S continues to offer quality sales and technical services, as well as customizing engineering services to clients.  Our customers base has expanded to various industries such as semiconductor, electronics, biotechnology, chemical, solar and other emerging industries, and leading academic and research institutions.

In view of the cost concerns of many of our customers, Quasi-S concurrently offers labouratory services since 2002 in support to the needs of the industries like semiconductor, engineering, solar, biochemical, R&D, forensic, and many more.  Over the years, our highly skilled and experience teams of scientists, engineers, and analysts provides advance nanotechnology services to solve industries problems. Since then, our 3 fully equipped laboratories, strategically located in Singapore and Malaysia to provide one-stop solution to customers. We are expert especially in Service such as:

  • Failure Analysis Service
  • Non-destructive Testing
  • Reliability Testing
  • Metallurgical Analysis



Lab-Services Website Officially Launched on 13th October 2016!

Highly anticipated, well organized and informative website for those who wish to learn and share. On this new platform, we aim to give appropriate information and remove ambiguity about Analysis Techniques available in our current technological world. Please feel free to browse and comment ... LAB-SERVICES.COM

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