Metallurigical Tools and Equipment

We get involved right from the start of the project, providing you with a process which will allow you to obtain the best possible result.

Tell us your requirements and, with our experience, we will be able to develop a method allowing you to obtain the best condition for metallographic observation. We take charge of the whole process, including the adaptation of your facility to meet your new requirements.
We have already carried out numerous tests on very different materials. You gain from our wide experience, we can offer you effective support straight away – right from the very first stages of getting ready to meet your new target.


Our metallography laboratory puts the whole process together allowing you to meet your customers’ requirements concerning your products.

We can help you develop any of the following processes:
•    Cutting
•    Embedding
•    Pre-polishing
•    Polishing

These processes meet the demands of your facility and system, and automate a large part of the preparation of metallographic samples.Our team of specialists can work on the development of polishing processes for your new parts or series of parts using existing equipment.


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