Quorum GloQube Glow Discharge System for TEM

Quorum GloQube Glow Discharge System for TEM

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The GloQube® is a compact, easy-to-use glow discharge system primarily usedfor the hydrophilisation (wetting) of TEM carbon support films and grids. Other applications include surface modifications, for example for enhancing polymer bonding.

The GloQube has a convenient single drawer with two independent vacuum chambers: a clean chamber for glow discharge applications requiring hydrophobic/hydrophilic conversion and a vapour chamber designed for hydrophilic/hydrophobic (negative or positive) conversions.

  • Glow discharge treatment for electron microscopy
  • Fully automatic, short process times
  • Hydrophilic/hydrophobic and negative/positive modes
  • Single drawer with twin chambers
  • Intuitive touch screen control
  • Safe vapour delivery using septum-sealed vials
  • Automatic valving between chambers to prevent cross-contamination
  • Quick and easy sample loading
  • Controlled venting to prevent sample disturbance
  • Extended warranty option and specialist support

GloQube 1

GloQube 2

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