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MPA Metavision-108N Arc Spark Optical Emission Spectrometer

MPA Metavision-108N Arc Spark Optical Emission Spectrometer

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The CCD based Metavision-108N series spectrometers are compact, consume less energy and argon, are more economical to operate and maintain and deliver precision and accuracy of the highest order. Using high-resolution CCD detectors, the Metavision-108N series analyses the entire spectrum in the wavelength range of 160 to 780 nm, delivering the capability to analyze the entire gamut of critical elements, including Nitrogen, Sodium, Potassium and Lithium.
The Metavision-108N is an extremely powerful and yet highly flexible instrument with an analytical capability of more than 10 bases and 20+ elements. Aside from routine applications to analyze pure metals and alloys, there is also a range of proven special applications – including thin foils, special tool steel, wires, rings, coins, pig iron and several more. We also develop custom applications on demand to meet specific customer requirements.

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