Wasson Gas Chromatography

Wasson Gas Chromatography

Wasson-ECE is a company which specializes in configuring, modifying and applicating Gas Chromatographs.  Our chemists and engineers, can design, build and integrate custom analytical systems that exceed customer expectations.  With over 30 years of experience customizing gas chromatograph, Wasson-ECE can meet project requirements in ways that off-the-shelf products cannot.  Quasi-S works hand-in-hand with  Wasson-ECE in providing service support to any industrial need.

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    Wasson-ECE 7890

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    As the leader in custom configured analyzers, Wasson-ECE Instrumentation also offers laboratory hardware to compliment the turn-key solution or the customer’s existing equipment. By offering flexible equipment design, we ensure that our systems will work with your system.

    When a customer orders custom hardware, Wasson-ECE will work with the customer to configure the hardware to the customer’s specifications and submit the designs for the customer's final approval.


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