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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world leader in serving science, with revenues of $17 billion and more than 50,000 employees in 50 countries. The core mission is to enable customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. With close partnership with Quasi-S Pte Ltd, we help our customers accelerate life sciences research, solve complex analytical challenges, improve patient diagnostics and increase laboratory productivity.

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  • Energy Dispersive X-ray EDX EDS Thermo FisherQuick view

    Thermo Fisher UltraDry EDS Detector

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    In quantitative EDS microanalysis in SEM, weight percentage of the element present in every sample is calculated.  Extraordinary operating space to enable superior performance with advanced field-effect transistor (FET) integration and a proprietary pre-amplifier stage.
    A smaller, integrated FET to virtually eliminate electronic noise.
    Minimized dead time and maximized resolution to effectively handle pulse pile-up and sum peaks.
    Eliminated external or liquid nitrogen cooling with while maintaining extremely high data collection rate.
    Consistent data collection rates across the widest range of distances — absolutely critical to dual EDS and EBSD acquisition — with unique slotted collimator design.
    One of the greatest solid angle of collection available for detectors on the market today with crystal active area range (10mm2, 30mm2, 60mm2, 100mm2) and small packaging envelope

    • FWHM measured (ISO 15632) at 5.89keV (Mn-Kα) with 10,000 counts per second stored in the spectra, measured on the electron microscope
    • WD range is measured by varying the vertical distance between the pole piece and the surface of the sample and measuring the input count. STD distance of 50mm. TOA of 35°. The range is defined as within 25% of the peak count rate at the optimized working distance.
    • Vertically slotted collimator to enable maximum WD range. Absolute requirement for dual EDS/EBSD acquisition mode.
    • Light element sensitivity down to beryllium
    • No auxiliary cooling connections, water or fans. No liquid nitrogen.
    • Operating environment to 35 °C
    • ±5 eV resolution change (±3eV typical between 1% and 60%dead time) from minimum to maximum count rate at a givenanalyzer time constant
    • ±5eV peak shift (±3eV typical between 1% and 60% deadtime) from minimum to maximum count rate at a given analyzertime constant
    • Input count rates >1,000,000 counts per second
    • Motorized slide optionally available



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    Thermo Fisher WDS MagnaRay Spectrometer

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    Closely integrated with the Thermo Scientific™ Noran™ System 7 X-ray Microanalysis System, the WDS MagnaRay Spectrometer automatically determines the elements to analyze and performs all of the WDS operations, while the EDS detector is still collecting data. The details of the spectrometer setup and operation are handled automatically by the embedded expert system. Whether the need is for peak overlap, trace element confirmation or accurate quantitative analysis, WDS MagnaRay Spectrometer simply and quickly performs the analysis.

    • Unparalleled microanalysis results
    • High resolution
    • Sensitive for trace elements
    • Continuous spectrometer coverage for full spectral range
    • Guaranteed sensitivity specification
    • X-ray optics extend into the SEM chamber, similar to a solid state EDS detector
    • High level of application performance under low-beam current and low-voltage operating conditions
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    ThermoFisher ESCALAB 250Xi XPS Microprobe

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    Equipped with a micro-focusing X-ray monochromator designed to deliver optimum XPS performance, the ESCALAB XI+ X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer (XPS) Microprobe ensures maximum sample throughput. The multi-technique capability and availability of a range of preparation chambers and devices provides the solution to any surface analytical problem. Using the advanced Avantage data system for acquisition and data processing, maximum information is extracted from the data.

    • High sensitivity spectroscopy
    • Small area XPS
    • Depth profiling capability
    • Angle resolved XPS
    • Ion scattering spectroscopy (ISS) in base system
    • Reflected electron energy loss spectroscopy (REELS) in base system
    • “Preploc” chamber in base system
    • Multi-technique analytical versatility
    • Many sample preparation options
    • Automated, unattended analysis
    • Multiple sample analysis
    • Digitally-controlled EX06 ion gun is a high-performance ion source even when using low energy ions
    • Azimuthal sample rotation is available
    • Multi-technique capability
    • Other analytical techniques accommodated without compromise to the XPS performance
    • Reverse power supplies for the lenses and analyzer using the EX06 ion gun (ion scattering spectroscopy (ISS) is always available)
    • Electron gun can be operated at up to 1000V and provides an excellent source for REELS
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    ThermoFisher K-Alpha™+ XPS System

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    Analytical options include the revolutionary dual mode ion source, a vacuum transfer module for moving air-sensitive samples from a glove box to the system, and the tilt module for ARXPS data collection. Equipped with the Thermo Scientific™ Avantage Data System, the complete surface analysis software system, the K-Alpha+ has a range of software features designed to optimize data interpretation, data reporting and usability. The K-Alpha+ XPS system meets the requirements of both experienced XPS analysts and newcomers to the technique, bringing together high performance,  monochromated XPS and sputter depth profiling, with intelligent automation and intuitive control.

    • Analyzer — 180° double focusing hemispherical analyzer with 128-channel detector
    • X-ray source — Al Ka micro-focused monochromator with variable spot size (30-400µm in 5µm steps)
    • Ion Gun — Energy range 100-4000eV
    • Charge Compensation — Dual beam source
    • Sample Handling — 4-axis sample stage, 60 x 60mm sample area, 20mm maximum sample thickness
    • Vacuum System — 2x 260L/s turbo molecular pumps for entry and analysis chambers
    • Options —Thermo Scientific™ MAGCIS™ Dual Beam Ion Source, vacuum transfer module, tilt module for ARXPS, sample bias module.