Hettich Tech Incubators

Hettich Tech Incubators

Hettich is famously known worldwide for one of the leading centrifuges machines maker since 1904. Today with pioneering and innovative business management and consistent quality assurance programmes Hettich continues to lead with more exciting laboratory products to meet the world of continue development of medical and science applications. With years of laboratory experience and using Laboratory Equipment, Quasi-S stands convince of the quality and user-friendliness of Hettich products

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    Hettich HETTLITE Pipettes

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    While complementing the range of its products, HETTLITE will continue to push for quality, efficiency and continuous product development working alongside with the leaders of the scientific community.
    • Single-channel fixed volume pipettes
    •Single-channel variable volume pipettes
    •8-channel pipettes
    •12-channel pipettes
    •HETTLITE pipette package


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    Hettich HETTCUBE Incubators

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    HETTCUBE incubators not only meet our rigorous standards and yours, they also respect the needs of the environment. We guarantee you an optimised eco-balance, a high degree of user friendliness and verified quality.

    Incubator 200R


    Incubator 400



    Incubator 600R




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    Hettich Centrifuge Machines

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    Centrifuges make use of the centrifugal force that acts on mixtures during rotational movement to separate the constituents. A pre-requirement here is a sufficient difference in density between those constituents. Laboratory centrifuges are sedimentation centrifuges and may take the form of bench-top or floor-standing models. They are used in many fields, such as chemistry, physics, pharmacy, biology, biotechnology and, not least, medicine. Their power is needed in industry for production purposes, in research facilities for scientific applications and in medical laboratories for investigation purposes or to derive blood constituents. Hettich Centrifuge Machines provide all that in various models listed below.

    Manual Centrifuge

    EBA 21

    MIKRO 220

    Rotina 420R