Integrated Dynamics Engineering

Integrated Dynamics Engineering

Quasi-S  has partnered with The Integrated Dynamics Engineering (IDE) Group which is a worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing environmental controls for active and passive vibration isolation, EMI active compensation, and acoustic isolation for research, metrology, lithography and medical systems; plus precision motion controls and robots for wafer and mask handling, tool platforms and EFEMs, SEM for semiconductor OEMs.Starting with unique active and passive vibration isolation systems, IDE expanded its product array to include a range of solutions for the most demanding industries in the instrumentation and metrology fields.

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    IDE MK5 Cancellation System

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    • The IDE MK5 provides the lowest noise level (<0.5nT) and greatest field reduction compensation (up to 55dB) over a broad control bandwidth.
    • Disturbances, both small and large (sensors can be placed in fields up to 400µT), are effectively cancelled to ensure the best image possible,  every time. 
    • Its compact sensor design and higher DC allowable field permit probe positioning close to the microscope column without interference effects.
    • The IDE MK5 provides flexibility in a robust hardware package.
    • With the combination AC/DC sensor for flexible positioning, 6 output channels for high power output, and custom configurable snap together cage for greater serviceability
    • Easy to use software features are accessed by a sleek, touch screen user interface
    • Auto-tune functioning, expanded diagnostic capability, USB or RS232 remote connectivity, and event logging make this state of the art MK5 technology the most user friendly EMI compensation product
    • The system incorporates three pairs of Helmholtz coils which can be wall-mounted or configured inside a freestanding cage which blends into the room environment. There are no dangling wires and no trip hazards which plague competitive systems