Engineering Services / Project

Products that require special customization can be a predicament to customers who have tight budgets to meet. Quasi-S has a team of specialists with vast experiences to design and manufacture customize products that are suited to your special needs and requirements.

Not limited to fabricating precision parts for high voltage and ultrahigh vacuum applications, Quasi-S also provides reverse engineering and PCB repair services, hence reducing high costs incur and getting higher returns on investments.


Customize vacuum modules and systems

Subrate Holder
•  High oxidation resistance material
•  Z travel (max 12”)
•  X/Y travel (max ±1”)
•  Sample (max 6”)
•  Heating temperature (max 1000°C)
•  Force cool (Option)
•  Motorised (Option)

Target Holder

•  Max 5 target
•  Rotation (max 30rpm)
•  Forward/Reverse rotation
•  Z travel (max 2”)
•  X/Y travel (max ±1”)