Tensile & Heating / Cooling Tensile Machine Series LFM 20 - 125 kN

pro298.jpgThe LFM Series are "State-of-the-Art" Testing Machines using the latest technology providing uncompromised quality, accurancy and reliability. Due to our large accessory programm they can be used for almost any testing application in the field of strength and deformation of specimen and components.

Electromechanical Universal Testing Machines
The LFM Testing Machines are mostly the choice of this in the metals, fastener, composites, wood, geotextile, cable, forging, adhesive and civil industries or in R&D laboratories and universities where specimen size and strength require higher force capacities. This series of testing machines are driven by a high responsive AC brush less servomotor with high start up torque. The backlash-free ball screws providing high load capacity, high positioning accuracy and repeatability. The lower base platen is also available with T-slots suitable to fix components, specimens, manufactured assemblies or other accessories. These material testing systems are available with different standard configurations. All options as extended lateral test space for mounting of high temperature furnaces or environmental chambers, other crosshead travels, additional low force transducers etc. are available. The machine is equipped with multi-position limit detectors for the best protection of operator, test sample and machine.