Tensile & Heating / Cooling Tensile Machine Cooling Chambers Series DC

pro229.jpgSeries DC
With digital controller, air - cooled version. This refrigerated circulator is equipped with a bath opening for direct temperature controlling samples. The built-in CFC-free cooling circuit enables efficient heat removal.

Cooling Chambers for Impact Testing Samples pro230.jpg
This unit is often used to replace expensive tap water cooling; robust design using high grade stainless steel and temperature resistant polymer with sealed bath cover; removable fan grid allows easy cleaning; bath is equipped with handles and drain opening; 2-speed power-pump to reduce turbulences in open baths, wear-free; integrated overload protection; user-resettable, adjustable over temperature cut-out and low liquid level protection; easy to operate by only 4 navigation keys; electronic PID control using a highly sensitive sensor for excellent temperature accuracy; RS 232C interface as standard; user-defined fixed temperatures with separate RTA for each temperature; display resolution selectable between 0.1 and 0.01 °C; limitation of the usable temperature range by high and low temperature setting; RTA = Real-Temperature-Adjustment. User-adjustable correction factor to meet ISO 9004; Alarm indication by FIS = Fault-Identification-System. The reason for any malfunction is clearly displayed; built-in ETC (External Temperature Control) with a connection for an external Pt 100 sensor.